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An Off -The- Job Injury Costs As Much As An On-The-Job Injury

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Safety Health Publishing Inc. improves the safety of your employees by providing a health dose of home and workplace safety.

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Safety Health Publishing Inc. provides safety related articles that are available for in-house reproduction in newsletters. These articles can also be used for stand alone articles or paycheck stuffers providing information on topics such as fire safety, holiday safety, driver safety and much more.

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Martin deals head-on with the topic of safety and he does it with a humorous and light-hearted style that effectively conveys the message. Use Martin's books with your customized message for your next safety meeting or banquet. Martin's real life stores help the message stick! Employees know they need to be safe and they want to be safe. Stories with impact will help them stay safe.

Martin Lesperance - Firefiigher Paramedic
Martin Lesperance

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